Down syndrome from a father's perspective.

Down syndrome adds a level of peril to life’s decisions.

This post has been a challenge for me to put together. In fact, I finally gave up trying to make a plan and now I am simply writing. So now you and I have something in common, neither one of us knows where this is going and what the post will be about.

Our cloud of chaos.

Lately life seems to be moving at the speed of light. We’ve had a lot of snow here in Michigan so school has been cancelled quite a bit; that throws a wrench into any type of normalcy we strive for in our house. Treyton is beginning to use more spoken words to communicate than he ever has before. He is also starting to join the rest of the family on the potty-training bandwagon. Those are some very exciting developments for us!

Trey’s mom and I have also been doing a lot of thinking about (and possibly reconsidering) our decisions regarding school for him. In general the boy is stinking smart, yet, there are some areas where he does  need a little extra help. It feels a little like being caught between worlds. We know that Treyton is capable of a lot and want to continue to develop – we really don’t want people to underestimate him because of his diagnosis. On the other hand it is hard to see him struggle with things that some kids take for granted. (These issues weigh extremely heavily on his mom.)

A fork in the road.

On top of all of the “normal chaos” in our house I recently reached a fork in the road of my career. After almost twenty-five years of working in the family business started by my wife’s grandfather I am heading out on my own. I am happy, excited, nervous, scared, you name it!

This was not a decision that I made lightly. Running my own business is something I have thought about for a long, long time. However, the fact that I have a wife and kids has always made me a little timid. I don’t mind taking the risk for myself but I hate the idea of putting my family into that position. And, like so many other things, having a child with special needs raises the bar and amplifies that risk. I have worked diligently to minimize as many of the potential risks the best I could. I also believe the potential payoff will be there and be worth it.

After twenty-five years life gets to be pretty consistent. All of that has changed now. I am searching for balance again which is one of the reasons it has been so long since my last post. My focus right not is to keep pushing forward the best I can with this blog. I am enjoying going to the office once again; it has been a long time since I looked forward to work. You may start to see some guest posts during this process as well. Please hang in there with me while I figure things out.

  1. jisun

    Big changes afoot! I have no doubt that you will find the right place for Treyton. Best of luck!

    • Rob Arnold

      Thanks Jisun. It just seems like nothing is easy anymore.

  2. Mardra - Grown Ups and Downs

    Sounds very exciting.
    We’re rooting for you all!
    Especially the potty training. That’s when life really turns around :)

    • Rob Arnold

      Thank you for the support. We have been working on the potty training for a while but I am kind of relaxed about it. He has been capable for a long time but he just didn’t want to be “trained.” Now it seems he has decided it is time!