Down syndrome from a father's perspective.

Down syndrome in the year 2013, looking back.

A year in review.

I have always loved the “year in review” type radio and television shows that are popular around the new year. Sometimes there are things that seem like they happened several years ago and then there are others that you have already forgotten about.

Instead of trying to write a post about all of the things that went on in our lives I thought I would put together a string of images that would tell the story for me. It was not easy narrowing down the images that I would use, there was a lot that went on in 2013 – Treyton was a busy man!

What I hope you can see in this video is that having a son with Down syndrome is not a problem. Look at the fun we had. Look at the joy Treyton brought to us! Maybe you just learned that your baby has Trisomy 21, I hope you can see that Down syndrome is not what you thought it would be. Life is good!

  1. Leigh Ann

    What a beautiful boy we have!

    • Rob Arnold

      Yes we do! The kid is a rockstar.

  2. Matt

    Awesome video! My son is only 9 months old right now but I can’t wait to do the same type of things you do with your son when he is older.

    • Rob Arnold


      I am glad you enjoyed the pictures. I remember when Treyton was 9 months, they grow up fast so make sure to appreciate each stage of development.


      Treyton’s Dad (Rob)