Down syndrome from a father's perspective.

Liebster Blog Award Nominations by Treyton’s Posse.

When I started blogging I didn’t know what the response would be to my writing. I certainly hoped people would find value it what I said but that had nothing to do with why I began to write. I have a mission to carry out but it is also a way for me to process things. However, when I received the nomination for the Liebster Blog Award from Little Bird’s Dad I was really honored; knowing that other bloggers, my peers, find value in my blog is very satisfying. The Liebster Blog Award is a “peer award” given to upcoming bloggers who have less than 200 followers (as best you can tell).

Liebster (German) = beloved, cherished, esteemed

The Liebster Award Process

Every award that I am familiar with has a set of criteria and/or rules that must be filled in order to receive the honor. The Liebster Award is a little different; most of the requirements for the award must be completed after the fact. They are simple rules that can be approached from many angles.

Step one.

The first step is to thank the Liebster-winning blogger who nominated you and create a link back to their blog. I was nominated for the Liebster Award by Little Bird’s Dad.

Step two.

Post 11 facts about yourself. These can me anything. The goal is to be able to get to know the person behind the blog a little better. You can check out the 11 facts I post about myself by following this link.

Step three.

Answer the 11 questions presented to you by your nominator. If you search the web you will notice that some people will answer all of the questions in one post while others will take 11 posts to answer the questions. I blazed my own path and answered the questions in my own order and in a total of 4 posts. Here are the links to my answers:

Step four.

Create 11 questions for your nominees to answer. Here are the questions I am presenting to you.

      1. Why did you start to blog?
      2. When you were a child, what did you dream about being when you grew up?
      3. What are better cats or dogs? Defend your answer. (you need to pick one even if you are not an animal lover)
      4. Assuming money was not an issue, where would you travel to and what would you do when you got there?
      5. What do you prefer and why – Apple iOS or Android?
      6. Baseball is widely known as “America’s Pastime.” Do you agree? If not what do you think should be considered America’s Pastime?
      7. What is your favorite candy bar?
      8. Your kids are in bed and your spouse is off doing something else. You have the television to yourself and the DVR has been recording everything for the last week. What is the first show you watch?
      9. What would you consider to be the greatest invention ever? Why?
      10. What is the one thing you cannot stand to be without?
      11. Who is the greatest superhero of all time? Choose from: Batman, Spider-Man, or Superman.

Step five.

The fifth step is kind of like passing the torch. This is your opportunity to recognize 11 blogs that you think deserve some recognition. It is up to. You get to pick the blogs for any reason as long as they have less than 200 followers to the best of your knowledge. Once you have made your selections, create a post like this one on your own blog that explains the award process. Then notify each of your nominees by leaving a comment on their blog with a link back to the post you created.

Here is my list of nominees. They are listed in alphabetical order. Check them out; I believe these 11 blogs have something of value to offer you.

The nominees:

Step seven.

The final step in the Liebster Blog Award process is to display the award badge on your blog. There is a lot of flexibility when it comes to the actual badge, you will want to choose one that fits the style of your blog. I did a web search for images and then used those to create my own design. Feel free to use one of the images below or find your own. Most of all have fun with this!

Liebster blog Treyton's Posse Down syndrome



Liebster Blog Award Badge Treyton's Posse Down syndrome

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Rob Arnold has been married to his high school sweetheart for almost 19 years. Together they have three daughters and one son. He earned his bachelor's degree in General Business from Grand Valley State University as well as an MBA in Strategic Management from Davenport University. He enjoys reading, hunting, scuba diving, and spending time with his family.
  1. Anna

    I am honoured that you think my blog is award worthy! Thank you for nominating me! I will be working on answering those questions! Thanks again! And I really enjoy reading your blog and reading from a father’s perspective.

  2. Rob Arnold

    I look forward to reading what you have to say about the questions.


  3. jisun

    Eeeep! Thank you, I’m honored, really. Although, now I’m feeling so much pressure to think of witty, thought provoking answers. Ooooh, the burden! ;)

    • Rob Arnold

      Just be yourself and it will all be good!

  4. April Vernon

    This means a lot. Thank you so much! I am anxious to sit down and starting writing my responses to the questions when I get back from a trip for work. Thank you.

    • Rob Arnold

      You bet. I look forward to hearing what you have to say.

  5. Ty and Tracy

    Hi! It’s me, Ty!

    Wow, dude! Thank you so much for the nomi…nomi…nomination! *whoa, tough word* I’ll do my best! Happy to meetcha!

    • Rob Arnold

      You are welcome. I am looking forward to reading your answers.

  6. shannon

    Thank you so much! I’m very honored! I’m working on the post now.

    • Rob Arnold

      I look forward to reading what you have to say.

  7. April Vernon

    I finally got my Liebster Award post (well at least one of two) done!

  8. Jane Arnold

    Rob – Are you working on YOUR Liebster Post?

    • Rob Arnold

      They are all completed.