Down syndrome from a father's perspective.

A Weekend With Treyton

Having Down syndrome does not mean the kid is boring

Last weekend I had the opportunity to spend some time hanging with Treyton outside.  This is a big deal because of the seasonal nature of my business.  It was only a couple of hours but as you will see Treyton can pack a lot into a little amount of time. I am well aware that there many stereotypes that exist about people with Down syndrome but if you spend some time with my son you will eventually see why I believe he has been put here to redefine people’s perceptions of Down syndrome.

Treyton is on YouTube

Because I always have my cell phone with me I use it to snap pictures of everyday life and on occasion I will record some short videos. It is a great way to record life in general. One of my favorite videos is the one I call “The Mimic.” If you haven’t watched it yet please check it out. You can find that video as well as a few others on our YouTube channel (  You will also see some Down syndrome advocacy videos as well as some funny songs and commercials that Treyton and I like to watch together.

My version of the Discovery Channel

This past weekend I shot several different video snippets and then put them together. The end result, “A Weekend With Treyton” gives you a little picture of the nonstop motion that is Treyton. At one point I looked up and saw him heading into the small section of woods the separates our yard from the neighborhood playground and pool. By the time I caught up to him he had already made it to the other side and was on his way to the condos. He can tire you out but at the same time it is amazing how much more exciting the mundane is when Treyton is around. One of my favorite snippets is when Treyton walks past the statue of the girl and bends down to look at her face.

Rob Arnold has been married to his high school sweetheart for almost 19 years. Together they have three daughters and one son. He earned his bachelor's degree in General Business from Grand Valley State University as well as an MBA in Strategic Management from Davenport University. He enjoys reading, hunting, scuba diving, and spending time with his family.